Private psychic readings** are available, by appointment only. Please select the reading of your choice below. Payments are processed via Paypal, a secure site. We do not accept credit card information.

I understand that during our reading you may have more questions to ask and your time is up. Due to high volume of client demand I am unable to provide extra time other than what is requested. If you would like more time please make an appointment for a larger block of time. Please also note that once a date has been assigned for a reading there will be no refunds. Please take note that as of February 20, 2007 that I will only be accepting appointments from the USA and Canada. I appreciate your business and understanding.

Please disable your call block system prior to your appointment.

Thank You!

 15 min  

$60 for a 15 minute reading with Celest


 30 min  

$120 for a 30 minute reading with Celest


 45 min  

$180 for a 45 minute reading with Celest


 60 min  

$240 for a 60 minute reading with Celest




**Disclaimer: When I give a health reading,  I always tell each of you I am not a doctor and I do not give a diagnosis.  I am giving you information I feel you need to take to your doctor.  If I feel it is not an emergency I still want you to seek doctor care as soon as possible,  I am not responsible for someone who does not seek medical help after I recommend it.  Please know, something I am seeing now, may not look bad at the present, however it can deteriorate fast, so take responsibility and take care of your health

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