I am a third generation Psychic Clairvoyant. Both my great grandmother and mother were very gifted clairvoyants, and mediums. I first realized something was different about me when I was around seven years old. Before that however, as a young child I used to see the white figure of a man around me constantly. I later came to know him as George, my spirit guide.

When I turned seven, I would blurt things out in school and they would happen. Lying in bed as a small child I would see those who had crossed over almost every night. My mother's house, was always filled with police officers on their lunch break as my family was and still is in law enforcement. I would tell them what their day was going to be like and about who committed the crimes they were investigating. That was how I won their trust and began working with the police, detectives etc.

I am extremely accurate in matters of health.** While working as a nurse, a job I had for many years, I would know when patients were about to cross. I would get the tags ready before they passed and a few hours later I would be tagging the bodies at the morgue. I was able to see what was wrong with them and would get so frustrated when the doctors did not prescribe the proper treatment or medication. I started voicing my opinions to them and won their trust over and over and over. I gave up nursing after a few years as it was frustrating seeing what could and could not be done, my hands were tied and so I resigned.

I am a clairvoyant who can help you with RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH, LAW, CAREER, PET and MEDIUM readings. I have two spirit guides, George and Sherma. George is a tall thin built man with long wavy platinum hair and piercing blue eyes. Sherma is a young, persian looking woman with long black hair. My readings are rapid due to the fact that I am getting answers very fast from George. I am also an empathic healer, I can feel what is wrong with others and get into someone's mind as an empath and help you solve or put you back on the right path after I read. I have often been called upon to get into someone's head and see what is causing their emotional and/or health problems. I am not a mind reader, but am an empath who can feel what is going on in a person's mind.

My clientele consists of people from all walks of life. They include ordinary men and women, actors, physicians, law enforcement personnel and veterinarians. I am called upon at local pet stores and veterinary offices to diagnose illness in cats and dogs.

Always think positive, as negative energy brings negative energy. Please also remember that there is no such thing as a spell. I have been asked countless numbers of times if someone has placed a spell over a client. Talk out loud to loved ones who have passed. They hear you and watch over us. Also remember that pets who have passed on are also being taken care of by spirit guides. When pets pass on, they are not reincarnated as they are pure and have no lessons to be learned.

I love each and everyone of my clients who I reach out to. You are all beautiful in your own special way! I truly put in and give out love in all my readings.

**Disclaimer: When I give a health reading,  I always tell each of you I am not a doctor and I do not give a diagnosis.  I am giving you information I feel you need to take to your doctor.  If I feel it is not an emergency I still want you to seek doctor care as soon as possible,  I am not responsible for someone who does not seek medical help after I recommend it.  Please know, something I am seeing now, may not look bad at the present, however it can deteriorate fast, so take responsibility and take care of your health

© 2005 Celest